On-Going Projects

  • [National Research Foundation of Korea] A study on the design and implementation of augmented reality and AI-based indoor disaster monitoring and rescue system
    • Development of a machine-learning-based indoor map production technology to identify the indoor location of disaster victims in order to provide evacuation routes for indoor disaster victims
    • Development of Intelligent Disaster Evacuation Path Based on Deep Learning
    • Development of energy-efficient beacon for ultra-precision indoor location detection and evacuation path generation (using Bluetooth 5.1 based beacon)
    • Development of augmented reality-based indoor navigation to provide rescue workers with information such as the status of indoor disasters, location of disaster victims, and number of people
    • Implementation of a deep learning-based image processing to detect internal situations in a building
    • Implementation of disaster victim rescue methods using disaster robots through remote control
    • Development of a virtual environment for indoor disaster monitoring to apply practical application
    • Development of monitoring technology to collect and analyze information on indoor disaster conditions
    • Designing a framework for collecting, storing, and analyzing indoor disaster data

Overview of augmented reality-based disaster rescue activity assistance system development

Overview of ultra-precision indoor positioning system development based on Bluetooth 5.1 Beacon AP